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Talent ‘Scout’ looking for an entertainer

As you can see from this photo Scout is a very gorgeous boy, typical of most Beagles, he uses his nose for everything! He is a really funny character and has such a lovely, outgoing personality. Scout has been placed in two different homes but unfortunately returned both times and we want to make sure his next home is his forever home that can offer him everything he needs.

At Dogs Trust we pride ourselves on the time and care we take selecting the right dogs for the right homes but it doesn’t work 100% of the time. In Scouts case, the people that adopted him thought that they were prepared to add a beagle to their family, but he proved to be just a bit too much. It’s so important that we ensure his next family are prepared for the hard work ahead of them. But don’t be disheartened, he will be worth all the effort!

Scout is only 18 months old and has lots of potential! Learning will be a great way to channel his energies into something productive to save him getting up to mischief. He loves to sniff things out and would benefit from scent and search games. He does enjoy playing games like fetch but nothing beats a game of tug as he loves to chew! We need someone who is committed to spending lots of time with him, keeping him entertained and his body and mind stimulated as he is always on the go!

Scout finds it difficult to be separated from the ones he loves and really needs someone at home all of the time with him who can help build his confidence. Over time you will be able to start working on leaving him for very short periods of time and building this up. In the meantime you can enjoy having your very own doggy shadow. He will want to be with you night and day and even has to sleep with you or near you!

A home with children over the age of ten years old would be best for him. He gets on well with older children, possibly because they can keep up with his energy levels. He is pretty strong on the lead so being able to physically manage him on a walk is a must. He is always enthusiastic about meeting new people when out on his walks.

Walking Scout isn’t going to be a gentle stroll in the park twice a day to keep him satisfied. He will require lots of fun filled activities throughout the day along with multiple long walks. He will need a garden to play in and practice his training. The garden should be fully secured with a 4ft fence as Scout will need to practice his recall and housetraining. He is doing well with housetraining and will let you know most of the time when he needs out but may still have the odd accident while settling or when he gets very excited.

Scout loves the company of other dogs but will need to live with a dog of similar energy levels that enjoy playing just as much as he does. He can be pretty noisy, as many beagles are, so this will need to be taken into consideration if you have neighbours living close by.

An experienced and active home will really benefit Scout, especially a home prepared to work hard to build his confidence and guide him with positive training and reward. He will make the whole process fun and bring a new lease of life into your home. If you feel that he is the dog for you, that you can offer him the experience and time he needs please call our centre on 0141 773 5130 or visit us at 315 Hamilton Road, Uddingston, G71 7SL. We are closed on a Wednesday but open every other day 12pm to 4pm.


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