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Striding towards his forever home!

Talk about laid back, this boy is usually horizontal when we see him! Strider is a 3 year old Akita cross German shepherd who loves nothing more than snoozing and snoring! When he is out and about for his daily walks he loves to burn off his energy running around playing with his toys. He has a favourite spot on top of the agility equipment where he has a fantastic view of the entire field but nothing beats coming back and snuggling into bed or even better, next to one of his favourite canine carers, for a nap.

Described by his previous foster carer as ‘the most relaxed dog he has ever cared for’, Strider really will make someone an excellent companion! He is looking for an owner who is around for most of the day initially until he is settled. He has previously been left for a few hours without any problems, but this did not happen overnight and he will need a little time and patience.

When he first goes home it would best for him to build a relationship with you and be comfortable in his new home environment before he is left alone. This will build his confidence and slowly, as he gets used to being left for five minutes then seven, this can be built up.

Strider is very clean in his kennel or in the office when he comes to relax for a few hours. He may have the odd accident as many rescue dogs do when they first go home but he is housetrained and usually lets you know when he need to go out, so should quickly get back into the routine after going to his new home.

Strider is such a friendly boy! He wants to greet everyone with excitement whether that is on a walk or greeting visitors coming to the house. He loves getting attention and is happy to be petted and fussed over. Often if you are sitting on the floor with him he will stretch out and place his paws gently on you, he loves to be touching you!

As much as Strider is a very chilled out dog he loves to be out exploring and would be suited to an active home. (As long as he gets to go home and out his paws up afterwards!) He does have a high prey drive and will chase cats or livestock so needs to be kept on lead in public. Walking in areas free from livestock will be the safest option. He walks pretty well on lead but can be strong if he wants to get somewhere so having experience with large breeds would be preferable.

As he will be on lead when out and about, we need him to go to a home with a private garden. This will allow him somewhere to have a bit of freedom and his own space! The garden will need to have a 6ft fence as he has proven to be a good jumper in the past!

He gets on well with other dogs of all shapes and sizes and would happily live with another canine companion. Normally we would ask you to come and meet Strider first before bringing your own pooch to meet him. Having time to spend with Strider on his own will help you decide if he is right for your home before getting your own dog excited about a new doggy friend.

Children aged 10 years or over would be best for Strider to live with. Although he gets on well with children, we have limited information on his history and he is a big bouncy boy so we wouldn’t want him knocking anyone over accidently.

Anyone who gets to know Strider will wonder the same as we all do, ‘Why is he still sitting in kennels waiting on his Special Someone?’ Whoever gets to take this boy home will have an amazing companion to spend their days with and an unlimited supply of fun and love! Exactly what he deserves for himself!