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In the spotlight at Glasgow - Rye!

Rye is a typical terrier- active, smart and loves working. He would like to live with someone who has owned dogs before as he is coming on leaps and bounds with training and we would like it continued when he goes home. He would do nearly anything for food, clicker and scent games mean lots of treats for him as he tried very hard!

Rye can be unsure of new people and for this reason will need to be kept on lead in public places. Once he gets to know you he loves to give kisses and cuddles. Sometimes he needs some space to relax by himself so living with older kids would be better.(16 and over) He is making new doggy friends at the centre and practicing being calm when he sees new dogs and this will need to continue when he goes home.

Rye doesn't really like being left alone so will need someone around most of the day. He does make a great companion though. He will need a garden to play in, burn off some energy and practice his training. A quiet household with few visitors would be best for him.