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In the spotlight at Glasgow - Casper!

Casper is a handsome big chap who loves to play with toys, especially squeaky tennis balls! He loves to lie in the sun, snoozing in the back garden. Casper is a very clever cookie! He can sit, give paw, walk backwards, leave items, and hand target! All very impressive!

Casper is looking for a calm and sensible adult only, 18 plus, with experience owning rescue dogs before who can help build his confidence through positive reinforcement and training. He is quite independent and would rather spend time playing and walking with his favourite people than cuddles and belly rubs. He likes to walk with his doggy friends but in the home prefers to be the only pet. He needs a secure private garden with a 5ft fence.

Casper would like to meet his new owners a few times at the centre before going home. His new owners will also need to work with our TBA to ensure Casper is given the best support to settle into his forever home.