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Do you hold the key?

This week at Glasgow, we had the pleasure of taking in a few new dogs that will stay with us on a temporary basis until they find their forever home.

One of those dogs being Bailey, a young husky cross, with an uncanny similarity to current Glasgow resident Pippa, the only difference being one of her ears are down! Coming from similar backgrounds, both of these wonderful hounds travelled across to Scotland from Ireland, hoping to land on their paws in a new home.

Both dogs have very similar characters, both excitable and full of energy, thrive on having company and have lots of potential to learn. While Bailey has received some interest and has a family coming to meet him soon, Pippa is still searching for her special someone.

Pippa is nearly two years old and since coming to us has been placed in a couple of homes but sadly they didn’t work out. This makes it even more important that we make sure the next home she goes to is her last, her forever home!

Pippa loves to be around people and is instantly friendly with everyone she meets, she is lively and can get over the top but this is purely through excitement. She is in her element when she is getting fuss and attention! Having previous experience of owning a dog is essential as she will need a committed home able to offer her the training she needs. Practicing self control with reward based training will improve her OTT behaviour. Commitment and consistency are required to achieve calm behaviour.

Being around people 24/7 is Pippa’s favourite thing! She would love her new owner to be around all day to keep her company as she gets bored when left alone. She is destructive if left so in the best interests of both Pippa and her new owners, this is not something that we could be flexible on.

She would benefit from living in a home with few visitors as she just cannot contain herself when someone new walks through the door. Her excitable and boisterous behaviour can be too much for some people. Regularly practising manner and self control over time will improve this, but her owners will need to commit to regular training. Our training and behaviour team will be happy to help.

Pippa would do best in a home with older children, 16 years plus, not only due to her bouncy nature but also to ensure that she has the time dedicated to her that she requires. She can live with another dog and would love a companion that wanted to play just as much as her. We would let Pippa meet her new canine companion a few times at the centre to ensure they were a good match.

Finding the right home for Pippa is so important! She is a young dog who has spent most of her life in kennels and we understand that she has missed out on most basic training, but given time she will make a wonderful addition. She has so much potential and is just waiting on the right person coming along to unlock that!

Do you hold the key?

Please contact us at Dogs Trust Glasgow to find out more or visit her profile.