Foster success for Lanky the Dachshund

If there was ever a question about how much our home from home fostering scheme really benefits our dogs, Lanky the 7-year-old Dachshund is just one of many walking successes!

Lanky came to us after being found in a puppy farm with dogs of a similar breed. He was understandably worried, suspicious of people and uncomfortable with any sort of handling. As we were unsure if Lanky had ever lived in a home before, and kennel life can be overwhelming for some dogs, we decided to place him into a foster home to get an insight into his behaviour in a home. We placed him with one of our experienced foster carers, Donna who has cared for nine dogs during her time volunteering for us.

Due to his previous life experiences, we were unsure how easily Lanky would build relationships or trust people. We prepared Donna with all the information we knew about Lanky so far and gave her the necessary equipment to help him settled- food, treats, a comfy bed and some toys.

At first Lanky kept his distance and Donna allowed him the space to take things at his own pace. Within a few days Lanky was up on the sofa with her and was allowing some gentle neck and ear scratches. After a few weeks Lanky had transformed into a playful, happy and affectionate little dog! He was still unsure of getting his lead on and did take a little bit of extra time before he went on his first walk, which was a huge step forward. For a dog that has had such a sheltered life, it was wonderful to see him flourish in such a short space of time!

Being in a foster home gave us a glimpse of the potential Lanky has in a home. After gathering more information on his foster experience, we were able to assess his rehoming needs and put him up for adoption. Our regular updates from foster also allowed us to share this information with any potential adopters meaning they were as prepared as they could be about Lanky’s behaviour when settling in and ways they could make the process as smooth as possible for him.


We spoke with Donna to get her thoughts on the fostering scheme. When asked what her favourite part of fostering Lanky was, she told us, ‘It was great seeing him gaining confidence every day. He went from being scared and unsure of everything to a happy wee guy up on my knee at any opportunity! He was also adorable and provided a great source of entertainment!’.

We were also keen to see what challenges Donna faced while fostering, ‘He was very wary of visitors at first and would run away and hide. All I could do was let him have his own space. Once he realised no one was here to harm him, he gradually learned to trust me and enjoyed the extra attention. Of course, offering up some treats helped too!’.

Donna urges those that are thinking of fostering to go for it, ‘Definitely try it! It’s great to meet a variety of dogs and see all their different quirks and personalities but mainly being able to give them a break from kennel life is the rewarding part. And there’s plenty of support from Dogs Trust staff whenever needed which is reassuring.’


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