Teddy the Jack Russell Terrier's beach adventure!

This morning’s frost has put a definite end to our extended summer, but Teddy has been making the most of this year’s mild autumn with his recent day trip to the beach!

Canine Carer’s Claire and Rachael dedicated a full day to Teddy’s beach adventure.

Here’s how it went:

Teddy has breakfast at 8am- we make sure to feed him sharp so that his belly has time to settle before his car journey. As always, he was raring to go, his feet doing a pitter patter dance of excitement. The journey takes about one hour but Teddy travels well in the car.

When Teddy jumped out of his travel crate, he put his nose in the air to take in all the new smells. In true Teddy style he ran towards the beach with no hesitation, bounding through the grass to reach the sand dunes.

Teddy has always been a big fan of rolling on nice new smells, so when he found a big patch of seaweed, he knew exactly what to do…roll, roll, roll! After putting on his new canine cologne, L’eau De Irvine Beach- Teddy made a bee line for the water.

We don’t know if Teddy has been to the beach before as he needed some gentle encouragement to run through the shallow waves. Claire was happy to show him how it’s done since she came prepared with her wellies on. Teddy’s confidence in the water grew, like most things, he adjusts well given a little bit of time and patience.

The beach was relatively busy, but this didn’t phase Teddy, who was caught up in the moment with his two-favourite people. He was happy to pass people and other dogs and although he prefers quieter areas to walk, he managed it with ease. To give him a little more freedom his handlers used a long line rather than a lead, but he never wandered far from their side, unless it was to dip his paws in the water.

Teddy spent the next couple of hours exploring in the water, feeling the sand in between his little paws, and sitting taking in his surroundings. The cherry on top was a delicious surprise before leaving the coast- his very own dog friendly Puppuchino, just what our little road tripper deserved.

The journey home was a quiet one as we had one very tired little terrier. Once back in his kennel Teddy quickly curled up in bed to snooze some more until his evening meal was ready. We are sure he would have been dreaming of his action-packed day, his little paws twitching back and forth, reliving the feeling of the sand and waves beneath them.

We look forward to the day that Teddy gets to enjoy exploring the sandy shores before retiring to his own bed in his very own forever home. It would be a dream come true for this enthusiastic little explorer.

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