Kan-ai find a forever home?

Some dogs find it difficult to show off their amazing personalities when they are in a kennel environment and this would be an understatement when we talk about one of our current canine residents, Kanai.

Kanai first arrived at the end of December last year with his brother Kodi. They were understandably worried, although Kodi seemed to have a bit more confidence, and it was apparent these boys had lived a very sheltered life with little outdoor experience and few interactions with people. After their first few days with us, Kodi started coming out of his shell and was growing in confidence each day. We use positive, reward-based training to start building relationships and encourage ‘wanted’ behaviours, which also gives them a confidence boost. Kanai on the other hand was avoidant of most interactions with the staff and his progress was much slower in comparison.

Kanai found a friend in canine carer Greg and their bond was the start of Kanai’s true progress. He was eating better; he was happier to come out of his kennel and he was enjoying going for his daily walks, but in general he was still worried by his environment. This is where our foster carers are vital! Home from Home Coordinator Nicole had plenty of foster homes to choose from but had to make sure it was the perfect environment for Kanai to really thrive. She had to find a quiet home with few people visiting and carers who would remain hands-off, having the patience to let him adjust at his own pace. She had the perfect home in mind where the carers would be around all day to support his transition from kennels to couch.

Initially Kanai was unsettled, but the foster family carried on with their business as normal without forcing any interactions with him. They offered him high value treats like chicken and ham on the floor to encourage him closer and within a few days he would take it directly from their hand. This is when he started building a bond with his carers and was becoming less cautious. Within a few weeks, the very dog who chose to be on his own on day one was now pawing his carers to get attention and jumping up on the couch to snooze next to them.

Kanai has thoroughly enjoyed his time in foster. He enjoys his routine and going out for regular walks is his favourite thing to do, he walks well on the lead with no pulling. He happily walks past cyclists, joggers, traffic and other dogs. He can be worried by loud or sudden noises so keeping him on lead when out and about is safest for him. He is house trained but prefers to wait until he goes for a walk rather than go in the garden, great news for your grass! He settles down in the evening and will sleep through the night, greeting you with a waggy tail in the morning.

He has progressed so much since stepping foot into his foster home, we are confident that he can do just as well when he lands on his paws in his forever home when we find that Special Someone with the perfect home environment for him.

What would that Special Someone have to offer?

  • Having previous experience of owning a dog is essential.

He will require further training, but it must be at a pace that suits him. Building a bond first and having an understanding of his body language will benefit both Kanai and his new owner.

  • Quiet home with few visitors and no children under 16 years old.

Kanai takes time to get to know people and we want him to feel safe in his own home. He can be overwhelmed in new situations or around new people so a calmer environment will allow him to feel secure.

  • Only pet in the home.

Kanai really needs one-on-one time to build a bond with his owner. Once he is settled, he may walk with dogs at the park happily, but after all he has been through, he deserves to be the centre of his owner’s attention.

  • Very secure private garden with 6ft fence.

Due to his worried behaviour Kanai will need to be kept onlead in public as he may run if startled. This gives him somewhere safe and secure to play without any risk of him finding an escape route.

  • Someone around to help him settle

Once settled Kanai can be left for 4 or 5 hours with no issues but initially, he will need his owner around to help him adjust before leaving him alone for any length of time.

Kanai will make a fantastic addition in a home where he feels safe and can flourish.

At 9 years old he has many years in front of him and especially deserves his happy ever after.

You can watch his foster journey so far and apply here to adopt Kanai HERE