Dogs Trust Glasgow are hoping for a match made in heaven this Valentine's day for doggie duo Charlene and Zoom

Charlene and Zoom are lurchers, a mixed breed well known for their speed and stamina but also renowned for their couch potato abilities. This pair are ready to race into their forever home and settle down with some well-deserved home comforts as they had a bit of a 'ruff' start to life, making their bond even stronger.


Zoom, the brindle girl, is just two years old and has been with Charlene most of her life. They are very attached to each other, but six-year-old Charlene tends to rely on her younger canine companion rather than the other way around. The age gap doesn't often show as Charlene is just as energetic and excited to play as Zoom is. The love they have for each other is pawsitively heart-warming. They eat together, go walks together, chase after the same toy together and you will often find them sharing a bed when they are settled back in their kennel.


To find the perfect home for these girls to live out their hearts desires there are a few things in particular that we are looking for in a new home. Here are some key points:

  • They enjoy the company of other dogs but must live together. They cannot live with cats or small pets.
  • New owners should have previous experience of owning a dog, preferably similar breeds.
  • Reward based training and additional socialising may be required.
  • They can live with children aged 14 years and older.
  • There should be someone around for most of the day and the length of time they are left alone should be gradually built up once they are settled.
  • Direct access to a secure garden with a 6ft fence is required to give them  somewhere safe for training and playtime.
  • Both girls are instantly friendly with people and enjoy fuss and attention.


They may never be lonely while they have each other but they do need to find that special someone with enough love for two. If they have set your heart racing, please visit Charlene and Zoom's rehoming profiles where you will find the 'Come and Meet Me' button to apply to adopt this delightful duo.