Help Earl leap from Foster to Furever

Earl is enjoying all the luxuries that his foster family have to offer and at nearly 11 years old he ‘paws’-itively deserves some home comforts. His adventure started weeks before he even left our Rehoming Centre and as much as it was new and exciting for Earl, it has also given us the opportunity to see what will make the transition to a new home as easy as possible for him in the future. Something that we are hoping won’t be too far away.

We introduced Earl to his foster carers, John and Mary, on three separate occasions at our centre. This allowed Earl to start to build a bond with them before going home and gave us the opportunity to discuss a plan for Earl’s care in foster. Here’s how it’s going so far.

Earl has really come out of his shell and has proven to be a real character. Initially his carers decided to give him some space to adjust in his own time - within two hours he had found a prime spot on the couch and settled down, making himself right at home.

He likes to make the most of his mornings and is an early riser, but rest assured his routine does also include mid-morning and afternoon naps. He enjoys his grub and after breakfast is happy to let his belly settle before heading off on his first walk of the day.

Earl walks well on lead but can be strong if he is following the scent of something interesting. His foster carers tend to walk him in quieter areas where there are few dogs around as he does like the sound of his own voice. Walking where there are less dogs means a much more relaxing and enjoyable walk for both Earl and his carers although there is a marked improvement since he first arrived, and he can pass dogs at a bit of a distance without barking now.

There’s always time for play, even after walkies he loves a game of tug and is partial to a tennis ball, which he is quite happy to entertain himself with. Earl can sometimes get a little carried away, it must be so exciting for him to have someone there to play with after being kennels for some time. So, to help him relax we use a different form of exercise, brain games!

Boxfun is a huge part of Earl’s life. Watching him peeling tape and using his nose to sniff out all those little treats can be so entertaining to watch. He is a smart boy and loves to work his brain. He does love his walks but enrichment to keep him mentally stimulated is equally important.

He has really enjoyed the home comforts in foster. He loves to lounge on the sofa and has always been given his space. In time, he inched his way over closer and closer, now sometimes sitting pawing for attention. He can be quite demanding, but the family have found that keeping things calm really helps him relax. Having a nap in the conservatory is the perfect way to unwind. Earl can be found here regularly when he isn't looking for someone to interact with. He has been nicknamed ‘The Shadow’ by John and Mary, as he will never leave their side, unless he needs a nap of course.

Earl gets to stretch his legs with a stroll in the afternoon. He enjoys regular walks and this is one of the reasons our home from home coordinator Nicole handpicked this foster home for him. His stay there confirms that he really does need someone who can be there to support him throughout the day. 

Dinner time is a highlight for Earl. In fact, anytime there is food is a highlight for him. He is very motivated by snacks and will work hard for rewards. He is currently practising nice manners around food as like many of us his eyes can be bigger than his belly.

Earl is mainly house-trained and has only had the odd accident, which you would expect of any dog going from kennels into a home environment. He will try his hardest to sneak into your bed when it's time to retire for the night, but he has been gently persuaded to remain in his own bed and this is his normal routine now. He will sometimes wake in the night, but with a reassuring pat on the head he tends to settle unless he needs to go out for the toilet.

We are confident that we can find the right furever home for Earl and with a huge thanks to his foster carers we have a much better idea of what works best for him. We can make sure that we set him up for success in the future when he makes the leap from foster to forever.


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