A day in the life of Harley

Can you offer Harley the Crossbreed a fur-ever home?

The Canine Carers at Glasgow Rehoming Centre look after the daily needs of our canine residents from cleaning kennels to implementing training programs to prepare them for life in their new homes. Some dogs require additional support from our canine carers to make the transition from kennels to couch a bit easier. One of those dogs is Harley, a one-year-old crossbreed.

Since you are unable to join us at the centre currently here is a sneak peak of a day in the life of Harley at Dogs Trust Glasgow:

Harley is a morning dog and enthusiastically greets all the staff that pass his kennel as we open the centre. He is assigned a handler, which to him means ‘Which bestie will I get to spend time with today?’ This is the person who will be walking and training with Harley and it is varied each day to ensure he maintains relationships with lots of different staff members.

Since he is housetrained, he gets out first thing in the morning for a quick wander before breakfast. Breakfast time consists of some dry kibble mixed with some tasty meat and he always licks the bowl clean. He gets to relax and ‘rub his belly’ so to speak while the canine carers work kennel by kennel to clean and replaced the previous days bedding with freshly washed blankets and sheets.

Harley enjoys playing with toys and is happy to keep himself entertained. Once his kennel is fresh and ready for the day his carers will add some new ones. He was very lucky recently to have a special delivery of toys and treats sent to him by one of his litter mates and he likes to mix it up by having different ones to play with each day.

When Harley spots his handler walking towards him with his harness and lead, he knows it is time for walkies, which is a very exciting part of his day. Our canine carers will use this time to practice some training that will better prepare Harley for his forever home such as walking nicely on the lead, sitting before crossing a road along with training programmes that have been tailored specifically for him. But before we get him using his brain, his handler will take him to our enclosed field to run to his hearts content. He has long legs, and he loves to stretch them. After he has expelled some excess energy and had a dip in the pond to cool down, he is relaxed and happy. This is when he will work on some training, either in an enclosed paddock or our training barn. He is a very clever boy and knows cues such as sit, lie down, paw and even both paws at the same time, we all love a bit of trick training, including Harley.

Harley tends to spend the rest of his afternoon snoozing and playing with toys. He enjoys extra enrichment such as box fun, a filled Kong or puzzle games to keep his brain working- ensuring he does not get bored. He has a soft spot for squeezy cheese and peanut butter and is happy to search them out. Yum! Then he catches up on some more z’s with a full belly.

Canine carers dish out doggy dinners an hour before we finish up for the day. Harley is just as enthusiastic about this meal and wags his tail excitedly as he waits for it! Once he has digested his evening meal there is time for one more quick walk before he settles down for the night. While this is happening Harley’s kennel will be cleaned and freshened up once again so he can enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep and wake up fresh in the morning again.

Does Harley sound like a paw-fect match?

If you could continue to offer Harley a similar routine with the added benefit of some home comforts please follow this LINK to our website where you can find out more about the type of home he needs and most importantly how to apply to adopt him.