Teddy the Jack Russell Terrier finds his feet in foster home

Teddy the Jack Russell Terrier came into our care in 2015 after he was found wandering the streets as a stray. When he arrived at the centre, we got our first glimpse of his boundless energy and enthusiasm for life! Five years later and age will not hold Teddy back, he is still the same livewire we fell in love with, or so we thought.

We matched Teddy up with one of our experienced foster carers to get a true feel for what he was like in the home. Although he had been rehomed on a few occasions, unfortunately these did not work out for one reason or another and most families returned him within one week, in fact in his last home he was back with us after just one night.

We fully expected Teddy to be like a whirlwind in the home, but Foster Carer Christine was ready for the challenge and welcomed him with open arms. At first, we arranged to visit Christine at her house for a few hours then return to the Rehoming Centre to get Teddy tucked up for the night back in his kennel. It was not too much longer before Teddy was having his first sleepover with Christine and when he jumped in the car he knew exactly where he was heading!

Summing up his first week, Christine described how Teddy was on the go about 85% of the day. He didn’t think twice about leaping into action to help Christine with some work, no one told him that kitchen tables were not for dogs, but after a few adjustments he kept his paws firmly on the floor. He enjoyed investigating his new environment with all the new smells and sounds to take in, not to mention the comfy couch and bed. He was gradually becoming a bit more independent, taking himself out into the garden to potter around and playing with his toys. He was sleeping through the night with no interruptions but did enjoy jumping into bed with Christine in the morning for a snuggle before they got up to start their day. He has done extremely well with housetraining and was accident free by day two. We were super proud of his first week in foster, especially after spending such a long time in kennels.

Forward to today and Teddy has been with Christine now for almost 6 weeks and she says he is a different dog compared to the first day he came to stay. He is so much more relaxed; he sleeps for most part of the day and is a very affectionate little guy. He thrives on routine and Christine has been able to adjust her day to ensure that his expectations are met and in turn she has a very content foster dog!

It can take weeks or months after adopting a dog for them to settle into your household and get to grips with their new routine. Having time in a home environment has helped us get a better picture of what works best for Teddy going forward and we are confident that when he is ready to meet potential families that we can find him the ideal environment to spend his Happy Ever After.