Cashew, a Jack Russell Terrier

Paws off!!

We know how exciting it can be to meet a new dog, especially if that dog could potentially be your next best friend!

Even though we work with dogs on a daily basis, we still get just as excited as you.

There may be certain things you are asked to do, or avoid doing, that will help your dog feel more at ease and give you the best start to building a great relationship.

This is not to spoil your fun, but it can make a world of difference to help your new four-legged friend have trust in you and settle into home life.

Some dogs take longer to trust people and their background can have a lot to do with this. Some have come from a happy loving home; some have been found wandering the streets which could have been a pretty scary time for them.

Fostering is a good way for us to see what a dog will need or expect from a new owner and what support they need. Whether you are planning on adopting or fostering a dog from Dogs Trust Glasgow, there are some simple, yet effective things you can do to make building a strong bond as easy as walkies in the park. A good place to start is to remain hands off and respect their personal space.

Take Cashew for example: A cute and compact jack russell who came into our care after being found as a stray. He was rehomed quickly but unfortunately returned a short time later.

Cashew was uncomfortable with certain handling, especially being picked up, and did growl or snap on occasions. Due to this, when introducing Cashew to new families, we ask that they remain hands off. This may be disheartening at first, but it is certainly in the best interests of both Cashew and the potential owners and as you will see shortly, won’t always be a permanent thing!

Cashew has been in his foster home for only five weeks so far. Initially Cashew liked to keep himself to himself. He enjoyed his own space and the hands-off approach has allowed him to trust that his foster carers want him to feel safe and comfortable.

This in turn has left Cashew actively looking for attention from them. He loves neck scratches and will jump on their knee for a massage. Watch the video:

Cashew still enjoys being independent, but has lots of love for his carers. He could choose to rest in a quiet part of the home but recently has been spending his time with the foster family instead.

We are confident that Cashew will find a forever family to build this bond with, a family who will make him feel safe and comfortable and deserving of his affection.

If you are in the position to offer a hands-off home to one of our more independent residents, please visit Dogs Trust Glasgow to find out more! There are many dogs in our care that would benefit from experienced and understanding homes like yours!