Jack the dog playing

Age is just a number

At 11 years old, Jack is considered to be over 60 years old in dog terms!

We have all heard that 60 is the new 40 and Jack is a fine example of this. Read on to find out more about this little live wire:

Jack came to us after a change in his owner’s circumstances and through no fault of his own. As he is technically a golden oldie, our Home from Home coordinator Zoe made it a priority to find him a nice comfortable foster home to relax in while waiting on his forever home.

Jack is enjoying the company of his foster carer but is looking forward to meeting his special someone.

Jack has been in our care for almost 3 months and we feel the main thing holding him back from finding a home is his age. But we are here to tell you a little secret…he has tons of energy for an 11-year-old so please do not let that put you off!

Tennis balls, squeaky toys, tug toys you name it! Jack loves them all. He is at his happiest when someone is throwing toys for him and would really enjoy having his owner at home with him for most of the day.

He gets a little stressed if left alone, so this is something that his new owner should build up gradually once he has settled in.

He does take time out to relax, which offers owners a nice balance of active pooch and couch potato.

Jack has two favourite spots for relaxing, perched on the back of the sofa (must be the one you are sitting on) or closely by your side. He also enjoys napping in his foster carers bed, even though this wasn’t our original plan for bedtime.

Jack would benefit from living with someone who can give him some space initially as he can be a little worried when meeting new people. He warms quickly if allowed to in his own time and before you know it, he will be cuddled up next to you.

Having a secure garden is essential as Jack will need a little refresher on housetraining when he goes home. In his foster home he did have the odd accident initially, but with regular toilet breaks and reward-based training he got the hang of it again.

Although Jack is full of beans for his age, he does enjoy some peace and quiet and for this reason it would be best for him to live with children over the age of 14 years old that are quieter and can give him space if needed.

Jack is looking to be the only pet in the home as he can be selective about his canine companions and has not lived with cats before. He does have some doggy friends that he walks side by side with regularly, he much prefers calmer companions.

He would benefit from further socialisation around other dogs but would love to soak up all the attention for himself at home.

Jack likes the sound of his own voice and will bark at new people or dogs. Again, this is something that is improving in the foster home and is something his new owners should be prepared to work on initially. Having previous experience of owning a dog would be beneficial but not essential.

If you are looking for a dog with a spring in his step who is also quite happy to snooze by your side, please visit our Rehoming Centre. Jack is available to meet suitable owners by appointment only, like the true VIP that he is.

You can find more information about Jack here.