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Sprite the Super Agility Dog

Meet the three-year-old Lurcher bursting with talent

Sprite the Lurcher at Dogs Trust Glasgow

Sprite is a 3-year-old lurcher who is bursting with talent!

Based at the Glasgow Rehoming Centre, this little lady has huge potential in the agility world and is just waiting on the right person coming to scoop her up and get her out competing or just having loads of fun at agility classes.

Sprite has such a wonderful personality, she is fun, energetic, very loving, instantly friendly and will do almost anything to please her owners. She was originally adopted from us in 2016 after a short stay and lived with a family who really loved her and offered her a wonderful home. She was on the Kennel Club Activity Register which allowed her to compete in agility, flyball, canicross, heel work to music or obedience. Her previous owners taught her so many great things but unfortunately, the environment wasn’t right for Sprite, she has a very high prey drive and was surrounded by wildlife and livestock.

Since coming back to us, the canine carers have taken great pleasure in getting to know her and in particular discovering just how talented she is! She can complete our agility course with ease in 15 seconds! Wow. She will also spin left or right when asked, can weave through your legs and my all-time favourite, hopping over and ducking under the jumps like she is using skipping ropes! She really is so smart!

So, let's talk about the perfect home for Sprite!

  • Sprite is looking to be the only pet in the home so she can lap up all the attention. Although she can walk alongside some doggy friends on lead.
  • An owner who has previous experience with sighthounds is a must due to her high prey drive. She will have to be kept on lead and muzzled when in public places due to this.
  • She is a very active girl so will need an owner who can offer her not only physical exercise but the mental stimulation that she needs too.
  • She can live with children over the age of 16 years old.
  • She would prefer to have a nice big walk before being left alone in the house and if left with some enrichment to keep her busy she could be left for a few hours.
  • She will need to live in an area free from livestock or wildlife.
  • Finally, we are looking for her to go to a home that has a secure garden with a 6ft fence to keep her safe.

How can she Sprite Up Your Life?

  1. She will always make you feel welcomed and loved with her waggy tail (in fact her whole body wiggles)
  2. You will make new friends everywhere you go as she just wants to say Hello to everyone!
  3. You will have an amazing agility dog that also loves to snooze. Win Win.
  4. If you don't have space for a big dog, you’re in luck! Sprite is a compact little lurcher who is just knee height.
  5. Teaching her tricks will never be a chore as she is so enthusiastic about it and thoroughly enjoys learning!

She will make a fantastic addition and her new owners will be lucky to have some a friendly loving canine companion!

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