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2019 is already set to be a busy year for group talks, this week alone I have had the pleasure of speaking to groups in Hamilton, Falkirk, Lanark and East Kilbride. I was also joined by our Regional Press Officer David, pictured above with the President of East Kilbride Rotary club, who wanted to come along and find out more about my role. Group talks are a wonderful way of finding out more about the work of our two Scottish rehoming centres, our teams that work throughout Scotland and Dogs Trust’s work across the UK. I also offer behind the scenes tours of our Glasgow Rehoming Centre giving an insight into the work we do here as well as chatting about our other teams and the work they do throughout Scotland.

If you are interested in finding out more about Dogs Trust and would like to book a FREE group talk or behind the scenes tour then please email [email protected]. Group talks are available during the day and in the evenings and behind the scenes can be booked for groups or on a one to one basis.