Casper's 11th Birthday at Dogs Trust Glasgow

Casper's 11th Birthday!

Handsome Casper is hoping this will be his last birthday in kennels.

Monday was a day of celebration at Glasgow!

Casper with cake  We had banners and bunting, balloons and candles and most importantly cake. Casper celebrated his 11th Birthday, meaning he is 77 years old in dog years! The birthday boy got to have his cake and eat it all to himself as it was a special doggy friendly recipe made with love by his special friend and canine carer, Kirsty Dodds.

Casper has been with us for three years now and is hoping that this is his last birthday spent in kennels. As much as we have been celebrating Casper turning eleven many people are put off by this.  Older dogs are frequently overlooked in favour of younger dogs or puppies.

So, let's talk about rehoming older dogs. Here's our top 11 advantages:

  1. Puppies are cute but can be lots of hard work!
  2. Older dogs tend to have had some form of basic training and have some established manners.
  3. Senior dogs can often be more settled when left alone and are less likely to be destructive.
  4. What you see is what you get, we tend to know what they like or dislike.
  5. You can teach an old dog new tricks. They may already have some training, but most are definitely still trainable.
  6. Life can be a little more relaxed - older dogs tend not to need as much exercise as a puppy would.
  7. Afternoon naps! If you are looking for an excuse for a little snooze, having a golden oldie enjoying nap time will allow some rest and relaxation for yourself.
  8. You can still have plenty of fun going on walks and having playtime.
  9. Depending on our lifestyle, a senior dog may fit more seamlessly.
  10. Adopting an older dog allows you to have a little more independence as they tend to be more laid back.
  11. Adopted senior dogs really appreciate being in a home. You are their hero, allowing them to live out their golden years in the happiest way.

Casper looking excited


If you can change the life of an older dog like Casper, please come to the Glasgow Rehoming Centre and let us know.

Casper really does deserve to enjoy his retirement in the comforts of a forever home so if you have space in your heart (and couch) for this boy, visit his profile for more information.