‘Blu’ming Marvellous

Blu is a young lurcher who found himself at Dogs Trust Glasgow due to his owner’s ill health. Before Blu came to us he didn’t have much experience of the outside world as he spent most of his time keeping his owner company. He is a lovely boy who hasn’t coped well in kennels and finds life here quite stressful so getting him into a forever home would certainly enrich his life.

Blu has a very special relationship with the canine carers that look after him most, especially the female ones. He is a very affectionate boy and will let you know it. He enjoys nothing more than cuddling in, pushing his whole body weight against you in the hopes that you will stay put! Although when he has had enough cuddles he will go and play all by himself.

He does well at keeping himself entertained and has a few favourite games. He loves anything squeaky! He would throw a squeaky toy around for hours if he could. He enjoys rolling and splashing in the pond and puddles. Digging in the sand is also a big favourite. He has an inner puppy that must scream with excitement when he sees anything messy or dirty!

We will be looking for a patient and committed home for Blu to live in. He needs someone who will help build his confidence but allow him to do this at his own pace and not put him into situations that he cannot cope with.

Blu doesn’t know how to deal with meeting new people or dogs so tends to bark, in this scenario he tends to look to his handler for reassurance, so a confident person would certainly help Blu realise the world isn’t as big and scary as it may seem to him. This will take time but boy will he be worth it.

Blu will require on going training so a home that have owned dogs before would benefit him greatly. He will do almost anything for his tasty favourites, hot dogs, cheese and chicken! He would love a secure private garden to play in and practice his training. He used to share a kennel with other dogs but over time he has missed out on having a play mate and now finds it hard to make friends, this is something that may change in time in a home environment but at the moment we are looking for him to be the only pet in the home. This will also give him that one on one attention he needs and deserves.

A home with people over the age of 16 years who can assist with his training would be required. Initially Blu will need to have someone around for most of the day. He may be left for a short period of time and gradually build up the length of time he can be left alone. He can become frustrated quite easily so having lots of metal stimulation on top of his physical exercise would help keep him busy rather than bored!

Blu will need to meet and spend time with his new family multiple times before he could go home. This allows time for both Blu and the new owners to feel comfortable and confident with each other. We will be sure to give his new owners some of his tasty treats to help build that relationship.


If you are interested in finding out more about Blu please visit his profile.