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Smuggled pup becomes Dogs Trust Evesham's 500th dog to find forever home in 2017

Dogs Trust Evesham has rehomed its 500th dog of the year - Betsy, a puppy who was illegally smuggled into the UK as part of the cruel Puppy Smuggling trade. A trade, that Dogs Trust has been fighting for many years.

What is Puppy Smuggling, and how can you help?

Dogs Trust has recently launched its third investigation into Puppy Smuggling, which sees underage 'designer' puppies smuggled in from Central and Eastern Europe to fuel the demand for puppies in Great Britain. 

Dogs Trust is asking members of the public to contact their MP to ask them to support our campaign by writing to the Minister for Animal Welfare, calling on the Government to take immediate action to tackle Puppy Smuggling, starting with loopholes in the Pet Travel Scheme (PETS) which allows unscrupulous breeders to continue their crime.

Intercepted at the port where she had been illegally transported  1,000 miles from Hungary, Betsy has since been cared for by Dogs Trust's Puppy Pilot scheme, which is part of our ongoing investigation and cares for illegally imported pups during their time in quarantine.

Betsy was one of four puppies taken to Dogs Trust Evesham after their time in quarantine, where she started the search for a loving new home. She has now found a new home with Sarah Scaramuzza and Jonny McKinley who travelled all the way from Huddersfield to meet her and fell in love with her as soon as they saw her.

Sarah says:

"When we heard of Betsy's story, we couldn't believe what she had already been through at such a young age but we're so pleased that we're able to give her a loving home. She is such a little bundle of fun and we love seeing her little personality come through. She has settled in really well, and has already been very spoilt with lots of toys, treats and fuss!"

Chris Slight, Rehoming Centre Manager at Dogs Trust Evesham, said:

“The team are delighted to have found new homes for so many dogs already but little Betsy is the perfect representation of how the staff go above and beyond to care for dogs who haven’t had the best start in life.

“We find it incredibly hard to understand how anyone can take part in illegal puppy smuggling for monetary gain. These puppies don’t have appropriate vaccinations, are transported in horrendous conditions, have false documents and have been taken away from their mums far too soon.

“A dog is for life and thankfully, Betsy and her littermates are off to wonderful families who will give them a happy forever home.”

To meet more dogs at Dogs Trust Evesham looking to meet their special someone, call 0300 303 0292.

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