Schoolchildren help create doggy dens for homeless hounds at Dogs Trust Evesham | Dogs Trust

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Schoolchildren help create doggy dens for homeless hounds at Dogs Trust Evesham

Year seven students from The De Montfort School in Evesham visited Dogs Trust Evesham this week to help staff build doggy dens for the canine residents ahead of Bonfire Night.

Staff at the rehoming centre in Wickhamford recognise that firework season can be a very stressful time for both dog and owner due to the unusual sights, smells and exceptionally loud noises. The Rehoming Centre enlisted the help of local schoolchildren to build cosy sleeping areas in a bid to make dogs feel safe and secure during the fireworks, and are urging dog owners to do the same for their own four-legged friends.

Charlotte Paddock, Dogs Trust Evesham’s Education Officer, was on hand to explain to the students how using blankets, toys such as Kongs and covering the den with a blanket is the best way to create a doggy den to make it as safe, comfy and as enjoyable as possible.

Mrs Reade from The De Montfort School said: “Our students had a great time learning all about how to make dogs feel safe and secure on Bonfire Night. Many of them have their own dogs so I’m sure they will take the useful tips home and create their own doggy dens.”

Jen Protheroe, Dog School West Midlands Head Coach, added: “Many of us enjoy the experience of fireworks but for our dogs it’s often a scary experience. By creating a doggy den you are giving your dog a haven where they can feel safe and secure. The doggy den should be built away from the hustle and bustle of the family home, somewhere quiet where the dog can rest peacefully. This will very much be a safe space for the dog, but they should be able to move in and out of the den freely, making it as cosy and snug as possible is a must but your dog should be able to see out of the den should he want to.”

Dogs Trust staff will also be going the extra mile to make the dogs in their care feel as comfortable as possible during firework season and have some simple advice to help make the firework season less stressful for dogs:

  1. Walk your dog before dark
  2. Make sure your house and garden are secure
  3. Provide a safe hiding place, such as a doggy den
  4. Keep your dog busy e.g. use stuffed Kongs
  5. Never force a dog to go outside