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Pups named after twins who overcame fear of dogs

It’s a case of seeing double at Dogs Trust Evesham as a pair of loveable pups have been named after a set of twins who are well on their way to conquering their fear of dogs.

Being afraid of dogs was affecting daily life for five-year-olds Joe and Riley Wheate-Price from Redditch. But after their mum, Emma Wheate-Price heard about Dogs Trust’s ‘Building Confidence Around Dogs’ programme, she got in touch to find out how it could help her sons.

Dogs Trust Evesham’s Education Officer, Charlotte Paddock started working with the twins in May and for their sixth and final session they spent the day meeting and greeting some of the VIPs (very important pooches), including their canine namesakes, four-month-old Greyhound puppies.

Joe and Riley’s mum, Emma said:

“Before we started working with Dogs Trust, Joe and Riley’s fear of dogs was affecting everyday life and Riley in particular was incredibly frightened of them. On several occasions he had ran into the road to escape dogs and we couldn’t visit the park anymore due to his fear. Joe was also afraid of dogs but we often felt this was often due to Riley’s reactions rather than his own fear.

“The help we have received has honestly changed our family and means we can now enjoy trips to the park without the constant worry of bumping into a dog. We’re so proud of the boys and the work they’ve put into conquering their fear.”

‘Building Confidence Around Dogs’ is an extension of the charity’s successful ‘Be Dog Smart’ campaign and is a programme of activities to help children and families manage living with a fear of dogs to ensure everyone can live together safely and happily at home and in the community.

With over a third (37%) of UK parents thinking that their children are fearful of dogs and 33% of 2-14 year olds coming into contact with a dog every single day, this fear could be problematic for families when they are out and about, especially as 25% of parents say their child’s fear of dogs affects their daily life*

Dogs Trust Evesham’s Education Officer, Charlotte Paddock, said:

“A large number of children are frightened of dogs and it can have such an impact on their life. The ‘Building Confidence Around Dogs’ programme has been developed alongside a child psychologist and during the sessions we practice our general dog safety messages, as well as providing tips and tools to help children in a situation where a dog was nearby.

“Riley and Joe made such quick progress and they have changed from boys who would run away from dogs, to boys who can think sensibly about what to do when in the company of dogs. I’m so proud of them and the effort they’ve put in, and also just how enthusiastic they have been along the whole course.”

The canine versions of Joe and Riley are on the lookout for a loving home. If you are interested in rehoming them, please call 0300 303 0292 or visit the centre at 89 Pitchers Hill, Wickhamford, Evesham, WR11 7RT.

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