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Hounds call on their mates to appeal for homes ahead of National Best Friends Day

We all know life is better with a best friend at our side and that’s definitely the case for four longer term residents at Dogs Trust Evesham.

Collies Bonny and Ben, Terrier Monty and Crossbreed Milo have been at the centre collectively for 20 months and are a hit with the team at the Wickhamford rehoming centre. However, as they’ve watched other dogs go off to their forever home, they are out to prove themselves as man’s, or woman’s, best friend and have called on the help of their canine carers to help find them loving forever homes ahead of National Best Friends Day on June 8th

One of Bonny’s closest friends at the Rehoming Centre, Canine Carer Zena Tredell, says:

“Bonny is a shy girl who comes out of her shell once she knows and trusts you. She loves her food so this is a great way to make friends with her! We enjoy long walks together in the field and she’s so inquisitive, she loves to be outside. Once she’s settled, she’ll be a loving, loyal companion.”

Monty’s BFF, Canine Carer Henry Hadley, says:

“Monty may be small but he’s got a huge personality and is looking to get back to his home comforts in a quiet home environment. He can find meeting new people a little scary but with time and patience he’d be a lovely, rewarding companion. He enjoys his walks and a good sniff around and once he knows you, he’ll be a friend for life.”

Ben’s buddy is Canine Carer Simon Cutts who says:

“Ben is used to living in a home so is keen to be part of family life once again. A typical Collie, he’s very bright and loves to learn. He’d love an active home, and with owners who are around for most of the day. He’s a wonderful dog who will be a great addition to the right home.”

Canine Carer Jackie Oliver is Milo’s mate and says:

“Milo is a big boy but is a real softie underneath who really wants to please you. He prefers things to be taken slow to begin with but once he trusts you and you can offer him time, love and lots of treats, he’ll be so affectionate in return. He loves to be brushed and give sloppy kisses!”

If you think you can offer any of the dogs a loving new home, please call 0300 303 0292.