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Dogs Trust Evesham: 12 dogs of Christmas in need of a new home

Staff at Dogs Trust Evesham are calling on local dog lovers to consider opening their homes and hearts to a rescue hound whilst remembering the charity’s iconic slogan, “A Dog is for Life, not just for Christmas®”.

The Rehoming Centre in Wickhamford will be caring for more than 100 dogs over the festive period, but as the New Year approaches there are 12 homeless hounds who all have their paws crossed that they will be spending it in a loving new home.

 Chris Slight, Rehoming Centre Manager, Dogs Trust Evesham:

“Our 12 dogs of Christmas each have differing looks, personalities and needs but each one will make a wonderful addition to a loving new home so we are appealing for anyone who would like to rehome one of these deserving dogs to please get in touch.

“Our slogan, ‘A Dog is for life, not just for Christmas®’ is as relevant today as it was when it was first coined 40 years ago. We continue to see many dogs coming through our doors over the Christmas period, simply because individuals haven’t taken into consideration the lifelong commitment of dog ownership.

“We urge anyone thinking of getting a dog during this busy period to seriously think about the commitment involved before making a decision to bring a four-legged family member into your home. Dog ownership can be challenging but also extremely rewarding, especially if you are giving a rescue dog a second chance at happiness.

"As always, we are reminding everyone that a dog is for life, not just for Christmas, and, if you are thinking about getting a dog in 2019, to consider rehoming a rescue dog."


Age 4


Dinky may live up to his name in size, but certainly has a huge character. Although he’s not keen on fuss, this clever little chap loves to learn, solve puzzles and thinks zooming around with a tennis ball is the best! Dinky does have limited vision and needs a quiet environment with a good routine. He’d prefer to be the only dog in a home where someone is around for most of the day.

Basil Age 6 Terrier Cross

Basil is far from boring and definitely deserves the chance to flourish in a home. His carers describe him as clumsy, clever, unique and food is the way to his heart. Basil does have some worries about being overly handled, so does need a bit of time to get to know you. Basil will need a quieter, adult-only environment with no other dogs.


Age 11


Sparky (or Sparkles as he’s affectionately known) is a truly wonderful gent, he’s got so much to offer a family who will give him a chance. He forgets he’s 11 and is still very playful when it comes to toys. He is an inquisitive little lad but needs some time to build up trust .Once he does there’s always time for a belly rub! Sparky was house trained previously and can live with children aged 16 plus but will be looking for a home without other pets and with someone who can be around for most of the day.


Age 2

Dutch Herder

Rio is surprising us every day with the progress he’s making, seeing his character flourish is a pure joy. Food is the absolute best thing ever! If there’s a snack about, Rio will sniff it out! But he also loves to learn new things or solve a great puzzle too. He gets confidence from doggy pals, so must live with at least one other dog. He’s housetrained and will need a quiet adult-only environment where someone will be around for most of the day


Age 5

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Bundle of fun Bebe just wants to say hello to everyone she can! She’s got oodles of character and knows how to charm her way into your heart. She loves cuddle time, quiet play with toys and is very polite with her treats. She has had knee surgery recently so will need managed physical exercise and new owners will need to help find ways to tire her out using her brain more. She’s housetrained and can live with children aged 11 plus. She can have walking doggy friends but will need to be the only dog in the home.


Age 4


Rowen has retired from racing and is looking forward to life as a family pet. He’s very charming and his antics often keep us smiling here at the centre. He can be a bit shy to start but is a cracking chap with so much love to give. Rowen can potentially live with other dogs and children aged 11 plus but cannot live with cats or small pets.


Age 7

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Kenny catch it? Yes he can! Kenny is showing off new talents (like being able to catch everything) every day. But this handsome boy really just wants to show off being part of a family again, he’s keen to be loved and for somewhere of his own to relax. He only needs a limited amount of exercise, as sadly he does have arthritis in his elbows. He can potentially live with another calm dog and children aged 11 plus.


Age 2

Collie cross

Shadow is fairly new to the centre, but it’s clear to see how much potential he has. This bright and sweet-natured boy is very energetic, and keen to learn for a tasty treat. He’s looking for a home with an active lifestyle, and things to challenge his brain. He can potentially live with other dogs and children aged eight plus.


Age 4

Belgian Shepherd

Franco has such a lot to give and has so much character. We’re baffled as to why this fabulous chap has not found his forever home just yet. He is an incredibly clever, affectionate and devilishly handsome boy who would suit an active lifestyle. He’s housetrained but loves the company of people so would prefer someone around for most of the day. He’ll need to be only dog in the home but will be suitable to live with children aged 14 plus. Franco is on a special diet food to maintain his kidney function which will need monitoring.


Age 8


Fluff-ball Tigger is a cracking lad with heaps of potential. He's a fun boy who likes to play with his toys and loves a treat. Tigger is used to living in a home and would very much like to be back in his home comforts. He takes a little while to trust new people, but if you’re patient with him, he soon comes around and is affectionate with people he knows. Tigger would need to be the only pet in the home but can live with children aged 14 plus.



American Bulldog

Lexi is a beautiful, big bouncy girly who loves to play and learn new tricks. She does find meeting new people a little scary but she enjoys her food and treats which make great training aids and help build a bond with her. She is looking for a home as the only pet, in an adult-only environment. With time and patience, Lexi has such a lot of potential to blossom into an amazing addition to her family. She is quite a cheeky girl who often forgets her size, so her new family will need to be experienced with walking large, strong breeds.


Age 1

Labrador Cross

Young Carter is a handsome lad with oodles of energy. He loves playing with toys, having doggy friends for walks and playtime off lead! Carter loves to learn new things and is always ready, as long as tasty treats are involved. He can worry about new and unknown things or people, but underneath his anxieties he is a cheeky dog with huge amounts to offer. He needs a home with few visitors, including visiting children. He likes to meet and play with other dogs and may benefit from living with another dog.


If you would like to find out more about any of canine residents currently at Dogs Trust Evesham please get in touch with the
team on 0300 303 0292