Could you set your sights on a Sighthound?

Dogs Trust Evesham is currently home to 12 greyhounds and Lurchers and is appealing to dog lovers to consider adopting one of these loveable breeds.

There are currently three Lurchers and nine Greyhounds at the rehoming centre all looking for forever homes and staff are keen to dispel the myths surrounding the breed in order to find them all loving new families.

Contrary to what people tend to think, Greyhounds and Lurchers, known as Sighthounds, are often couch potatoes and don’t need as much exercise as everyone expects, instead after an energetic burst they like nothing more than cosying up on a big bed in a warm home. The 12 leggy lovelies are all looking for a relaxed pace of life where they can put their paws up on a comfy sofa.

Neil Barker, Dogs Trust Evesham’s Assistant Manager, said:

“Sadly many Greyhounds and Lurchers end up in rescue centres like ours waiting for a loving home to spend the rest of their lives in. People often assume they are dogs that need lots of exercise but that’s not the case. They are definitely strong and fast but they are surprisingly lazy and very loyal, which is why they make great pets.”

The terrific twelve looking for homes are: Belle, Delia, Judy, Katie, Lacey (above), Liza, Lucy, Luna, Olsen, Phoebe, Raven, Snowey

Neil continues:

“All of our Sighthounds are different in their personalities, but all have the desire to find a loving home in common. We hope people will be encouraged to find out more about Greyhounds and Lurchers and, fingers crossed, adopt one!”

If you could set your sights on a Sighthound and offer one a comfy couch, please visit to start the virtual adoption process.