Set of doggie doubles seeks love match

Dogs Trust Evesham are hoping a set of doubles will find a love match, ahead of the Wimbledon Ladies’ Doubles Final this weekend.

Mother and daughter Lurcher pair five-year-old Judy and two-year-old Liza found themselves in the care of Dogs Trust through no fault of their own. But now the dream team hope they will be served up a forever home together.  

Tracey Spiers, Assistant Manager at Dogs Trust Evesham, said: 

“Judy and Liza are both very sweet natured and make a great team so we'd ideally like to rehome them together. Judy is the more affectionate of the pair, and often snuggles into her favourite people for lots of fuss. Liza is a little more of a live wire and tends to prefer racing around after toys - especially tennis balls! 

“With their long, lean athletic bodies, they love a good run-around but unlike a tennis champ, they don’t like to be on the go for hours and hours. Just like most sighthounds, they much prefer having a snooze and kicking back on a big sofa.

The pair can live with children of secondary school age and above and would prefer to be the only canine companions in their new home. They would need a secure garden and plenty of toys to run around with.  

Judy and Liza would like to live in an area where there aren't too many dogs out and about as this can worry them. 

Tracey adds: 

“Many sighthounds find themselves in rescue centres up and down the country. When it comes to Judy and Liza, they are so lovely and would make great pets for a family who want double the fun, double the cuddles, double the kisses and double the love.  

“We’re really hoping this beautiful will be settled comfortably in their new home, snuggled up alongside their forever family in time to watch the Wimbledon champions lift their trophies.”  

If you think you could change the tale for Judy and Liza and give them the forever home they are looking for, please go to to start the virtual adoption process.    

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