Dogs Trust

A decade of dogged devotion

Dogs Trust Evesham is celebrating the dogged devotion of dedicated fosters Janet and Dave Whitehouse from Redditch, who are in their tenth year of caring for dogs whilst they wait to be adopted. 

Janet and Dave started fostering dogs in 2009 and were Dogs Trust Evesham’s first foster carers after the charity set up the Home From Home fostering scheme. In the last ten years they have cared for 40 dogs of all shapes and sizes including Blossom, a French Bulldog puppy with a heart murmur, Erin a Staffordshire Bull Terrier that had cancer, and long termer Star who was rehomed after just two months in the care of Janet and Dave. They have a soft spot for Staffordshire Bull Terriers and they are currently fostering Boy George, a three-year-old Crossbreed who has been looking for a home for 10 months. 

The Dogs Trust Home from Home scheme focuses on finding temporary foster homes for some of the dogs that need a little extra TLC and time out from the hustle and bustle of the rehoming centre. In particular it benefits puppies, older dogs who are missing their home comforts, or dogs who have been poorly and recovering from surgery. Thankfully foster carers like Janet and Dave can give these dogs a home-away-from home, allowing them time to relax and settle into home life until a loving new family comes forward to adopt them. 

Janet says:

“I originally got into fostering dogs as I saw a poster at the rehoming centre. Our first dog was an older Jack Russell Terrier called Charlie and once we started, we didn’t stop! 

“The thing I love most about fostering is that no two dogs are the same. Every single one is different and I could go on all day listing the individual personalities and quirks of each dog. It is really lovely to see the difference in them when they come into a home environment and it encourages you to get out and meet new people. I do struggle waving goodbye but its bittersweet as I know they have gone off to a loving new family, which is all any of us really want and it is really lovely to know you’ve helped them find their perfect home.” 

“The great thing about being a foster carer is that it gives you the chance to help lots of dogs and you have the full backing of Dogs Trust who give you everything you need to look after the dogs.” 

There are currently 25 foster families on board helping to take dogs in from Dogs Trust Evesham but the team says they are always looking for more foster carers to call upon. 

Sarah Galvin, Co-ordinator of the Home from Home fostering scheme at Dogs Trust Evesham, said:

“Our foster scheme means some of the dogs who have found themselves in our care can continue to enjoy the home comforts which come as part of a loving family. Our team of volunteer foster carers are amazing and allow us to look after even more dogs, every dog in foster care frees up a kennel for another dog in need. 

“We believe a dog is for life and our fantastic foster carers really do show our dogs the love behind this statement; encouraging them to reach their full potential and giving them a safe and loving environment to enjoy whilst they wait for their new families. For anyone who is a dog lover and wants a four-legged friend in their life but can’t commit to having a dog long-term, fostering could be the ideal solution! 

“Dogs Trust covers all fees and it is a fantastic way to help us do as much as we possibly can for dogs in the region that have found themselves without a home to call their own.” 

If you would like to find out more about becoming a volunteer foster carer please call Sarah Galvin at Dogs Trust Evesham on 0300 303 029256 725 219 or email [email protected] or visit