Dogs Trust

Mary and Julie’s Kennel Challenge!

As part of their bid to fundraise £10,000 for Dogs Trust in 2016, two of our volunteers, Mary and Julie spent a weekend living and sleeping in a kennel at Dogs Trust Evesham. The intrepid pair undertook their challenge wearing dog mascot suits, and stayed within the confines of the kennel from 10:00 on Saturday 28th May until 17:00 on Sunday 29th.


Mary and Julie were well supported with visitors during their stint in the kennel, with lots of donations, and one lady even baking bone shaped buns to make cheese sandwiches with for their lunch! Surprisingly, the dogs sharing the kennel block were quiet overnight and did allow Mary and Julie some sleep, although they did get in a good round of howling early in the morning!


At the time of writing, Mary and Julie have raised over £3,500, and hope to increase this with a fun dog show, taking place on Sunday 17th July at The Valley, Evesham.


If you would like to help them reach their fundraising target, please visit their donation page today