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In the spotlight at Dogs Trust Evesham – Kia!

Kia certainly is a beautiful girl with a distinctive floppy ear and interesting colour, but despite her charming good looks this girl is still struggling to find her special someone.

She originally came into our care in April 2018, and has certainly won over her favourite canine carers with her antics and bright nature. She has oodles of energy, and loves to be active so a good game of fetch or a long walk always goes down well. Kia is an intelligent girl, who likes to learn new things and keep her mind occupied so would love a family who can give her brain puzzles and new challenges.

Kia isn’t that keen on kennel life, and her biggest struggle is there is too much going on for her to be able to show off her amazing character. She can be quite dubious about meeting new people, but just needs quiet and positive introductions so she can get to know you and feel confident with you (bonus Kia points if you have a hot dog sausage for her!). Kia is also very scared of visiting the vet, and isn’t too amorous towards anyone dressed like a vet so will need some further training with helping her cope better with visits.

Not much is known about her past and she may have her quirks, but Kia has such a lot of potential to be a wonderful dog. She just wants a quieter home environment where she can learn to relax and find all the fun in the world again, she’d prefer minimal visitors initially whilst she builds up some trust with her new owners. Kia would prefer to be the only dog in the home and will need an adult only home, she’d also ideally live in a home where she wouldn’t be left for too long

To find out more about Kia, contact the centre on 01386 830 613 or email [email protected]