Fun, frisky and all-round fabulous, Flake needs a little help finding his new family!

Can you offer Flake the Chihuahua a fur-ever home?

He may be petite, but Flake is packed full of personality and has plenty of potential. Since arriving with us in September, Flake has been working very hard on overcoming his troubles and worries thanks to his favourite people at the Centre. He is rather a famous character to the team at Dogs Trust Evesham, and is undeniably faithful towards the individuals who he knows best. Despite being one of the most handsome hounds here, Flake has struggled to find his special someone so far due to his extra considerations.

Our team would love to see Flake pack his bags and set-off into the sunset with a new family who can tick all of his boxes in the very near future.

Flake is incredibly intelligent and enjoys showing-off at any given opportunity. This bright little button has mastered his ‘sit’, ‘paw’ and ‘down’, and is looking forward to learning all sorts of new skills in his forever home. Going for a good ‘zoomie’ and playing fetch are just two of Flakes most loved pastimes. He has buckets of energy and will need a family who can keep up with him (those little legs do not get in Flake’s way!). Flake always has our team in fits of giggles with his funny little ways; His smile is simply contagious and his desire to please people is nothing short of endearing.

At the forefront of Flake’s wishlist is a patient and loving family who will cherish him for everything that he is - quirks and all. This flamboyant little fella is hoping to find a home out in the countryside with plenty of gorgeous green space to explore and enjoy with his humans. Flake struggles to make friends with other dogs, but is very much a fan of human company; He would far prefer a set-up where he can be promised plenty of quality time with his family in a home where there will not be too many other dogs in the local area. Being typical of his breed, Flake loves the sound of his own voice, and is quite particular about who he does and doesn’t wish to spend his time with. A family with some level of Chihuahua experience would suit Flake perfectly in order for his mannerisms to be fully understood.

Due to his unsettled past and ongoing training requirements, Flake is seeking a home with people aged 18 years and above. He is rather fearful of young humans and would like to request that none will come to visit his home. Flake will need to be the only pet in the house and is asking for a family who can provide him with the patience and kindness that he deserves. Having his own secure garden will be important for Flake to give him a safe outdoor space to call his own and let-off steam when those ‘zoomies’ kick-in!

If Flake sounds like your perfect match, please head to his profile on the rehoming gallery. Should you feel that Flake could fit famously into your family, please get in touch via the contact number provided on his profile.