Could our handsome Border Collie set your heart “a-Blaze”?

Beautiful, bright and tennis ball obsessed, Blaze is a real heartthrob who turns heads everywhere he goes! This stunning young Border Collie has such a lot to offer a family who can give him the right set-up and lifestyle; He is just struggling to find that perfect match that he dreams of.

Blaze has been blessed with a super personality and some stunningly good looks. Fetch is without a doubt Blaze’s favourite thing. By promising plenty of games and chances to burn-off energy in a secure off-lead environment, Blaze is sure to form a friendship with a new family. He also really enjoys canine company on his walks and has doggy friends of all shapes and sizes here at the Centre who he regularly spends time with. Blaze’s love of food has come in especially handy for his training (which he also relishes!). During his extended stay with us, Blaze has been provided a plethora of exciting and enriching ways to enjoy his meals - all of which he has figured-out rather quickly!

Our team have simply fallen head-over-heels for Blaze. His enthusiasm for learning is just one of the adorable qualities which makes him a firm favourite amongst our staff, as well as his longing to put smiles on everybody’s’ faces whenever he can. Blaze’s super sharp mind is extremely impressive and has meant that our team have often tried to find new ways to channel his energy. Blaze has already mastered a long list of tricks including: sit, paw, down, rollover, send-away and forming a positive association to cars. He would like to find a family who are passionate about training, and who are willing to be patient whilst he gets to know their lifestyle and routine.

Blaze is one of our longest-term residents and is heading towards spending his 500th day in our care. He has always been a popular pup on our website, with many offers of a new place to call his own. Despite gaining interest, Blaze has struggled to find the perfect special someone to spend the rest of his life with due to his extra considerations in terms of his training and behaviour. Because of his quirks, Blaze is seeking a collie-experienced family who will be able to correctly read his body language and underlying emotions.

It will be crucial for anyone wishing to offer Blaze his forever home to full appreciate the time and effort that will be needed to help this sweet and sensitive boy feel at home. As Blaze does take a little while to trust new friends, he will be asking for his family to come and spend a lot of quality time with him on site before he heads home. Although the early days may be a little bit of a challenge for all, Blaze’s family are guaranteed to be rewarded with the delightful and charming lad who we all know.

Blaze is hoping to find an adult-only, pet-free home where he can really be the centre of attention. With his needs for both lots of physical and mental exercise, he is sure to keep his new family very busy and entertained! Blaze is a real fan of the countryside life, and is seeking a rural retreat where he can enjoy all the wonderful things that the outdoors has to offer. His new home would preferably be a detached property which is situated away from roads, schools and other busy areas.

Although he may be a slightly more complicated character than some of his neighbours here, we are confident that Blaze will become a super addition to the right new family. Our team will provide support to Blaze’s family throughout his adoption process and beyond, and are eagerly awaiting the day that he packs his bags to start his new life. If you believe that Blaze could be your perfect match, please visit our website and follow the rehoming instructions on his profile: