labdrador mix dog jumping in a field

Evesham’s Cracking Crossbreeds!

Many people tend to have their favourite breed of dog; This may be due to their typical behaviours and lifestyle requirements or could be due to physical features such as their average size and coat type. We love dogs of all breeds, although our purebred pooches tend to be snapped up far quicker than their “pic-n-mix” neighbours. At Dogs Trust Evesham, we currently have 10 cracking crossbreeds waiting to find their special someone. From tiny terriers to larger lab-lookalikes, there is a crossbreed out there for everyone!

Meet our Crossbreeds:

Aussie – Staffordshire Bull Terrier mix

Aussie is a very smart boy who is happiest when learning new things and showing-off his best behaviour. He loves spending time with his favourite people and is known for being a bull-in-a-China-shop! Aussie can struggle to contain his excitement when it comes to new places and faces, and will need a structured lifestyle in an adult-only home. He would like to be the only pet in his new place and will be best suited to a quiet location.

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Lewis – Labrador mix

Lewis has no end of talents and he definitely likes to show them off to his best human friends. No trick seems to be too much for lovely Lewis; from the simple ‘sit’ and ‘stay’ to the slightly more complex send-away and ‘back-up’, Lewis has continually impressed our team with his eagerness to learn and master new skills. Lots of noise and commotion overwhelm Lewis and he is seeking a rural retreat located away from busy public spaces, schools and roads. He loves socialising with doggy pals out and about, but will need a home to call his very own in an adult-only environment.

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Megan – Rottweiler/Labrador mix

Megan is a shy girl who can be a bit picky when it comes to making new friends. If given plenty of delicious treats, a paddling pool to blow bubbles in and some balls for a quick game of fetch, Megan soon comes round and flourishes into the super soppy girl that her main carers see. Megan would do almost anything for food and loves her enrichment challenges. She is a rather sensitive soul who will shine if provided with a calm and quiet home away from the hustle and bustle that life can bring.

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Merlin – Mystery mix

Merlin is a very quirky and charismatic character who is well-known for his hilarious ways and enthusiasm for life. This bouncy boy is always keen to explore new places when accompanied by people who he knows and trusts and is a master of making friends with other dogs. Most of Merlin’s history is unknown and it might take him a little time to get to grips with living in a home environment; With gentle guidance and plenty of patience our team have no doubts that Merlin will make a fantastic addition to the right new home. He could live with a canine companion and will need his humans to be 18years plus.

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Tweed – Staffordshire Bull Terrier mix

Tweed is never short of bounce and his willingness to take on new challenges is just one of his very endearing qualities. This exuberant young boy arrived in our care following a sheltered past which has meant that Tweed has had a few extra things to get used to. Games of tug and fetch with tough toys are two sure-fire ways to build a bond with Tweed who is a very loyal lad once he knows you. If given the right guidance and plenty of positive reinforcement, Tweed will be a fun and fabulous companion in an adult-only, pet-free home.

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