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We’re talking mittens, but we don’t mean kittens!

Ellen and Fargo at Evesham

It’s always an absolute joy to see how well our previous residents are doing, but what a heart-melting moment to find out his adopter is so pleased with him that she’s decided to fundraise for the centre!

Fargo the Border Collie, adopted in February 2018 by the Guyver family, swooned confidently into our reception to greet his former carers. His owner Ellen has been busy, not only settling Fargo into his new life but also knitting mittens for her local community! The mittens, beautifully handcrafted, are designed to keep wrists and hands warm. Ellen brought in a lovely purple set to demonstrate how they work with adaptability to cover fingers if needed, or move to allow full use of the user’s hands. Safe to say, we were impressed! 

Ellen has raised a total of £70 for the dogs in our care, and we could not be more grateful of the effort she’s put in and for thinking of the hounds here at the centre. 

Quite simply, thank you Ellen and Fargo! :) 

If you’re thinking of fundraising for us, why not check out our fundraising page?