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Super sighthounds!

Meet some of our wonderful Lurchers and Greyhounds looking for their forever homes

Super sighthounds

Dogs Trust Evesham currently has four super Sighthounds seeking their forever homes!

Often overlooked due to the public misconception that these dogs require endless amounts of exercise, many rescue centres find Greyhounds and Lurchers (known collectively as Sighthounds) staying in kennels longer than other breeds.

With their athletic physiques and long legs, Sighthounds are undeniably strong and fast dogs, yet what many people don’t know is how lusciously loyal and lazy these dogs really are. Following a highly entertaining display of speed and agility, Greyhounds and Lurchers love nothing more than to curl up on a warm, comfy sofa.

Notorious for their sharp brains and impressive pace, Lurchers boast a variation of colours and coat lengths as they are often crossed between a sighthound and either a collie or terrier. Xander, Charlie and Misty are three leggy lovelies currently longing for their forever homes.

Renowned for their loyalty, many Greyhounds find themselves in rescue centres following retirement from their racing career. When adopting an ex-racer, gentle encouragement is usually paramount to help with settling into family life. Noodles is a prime example of a gorgeous Greyhound looking for an understanding home to help him overcome his anxieties. 

Sighthounds make excellent family pets, although as with any dog, it is important that all family members (especially children) are aware of the appropriate ways in which to interact with them. As these dogs are often real foodies and excellent escape artists, it is important to keep surfaces food-free and gardens secure when rehoming a Sighthound.

Xander, Charlie, Misty and Noodles are patiently waiting to meet their future families at Dogs Trust Evesham and are looking forward to flaking out on the sofa next to a loving new owner. If you are wanting to offer a super Sighthound a home, please contact Dogs Trust Evesham on 01386 830 613.