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National Make a (four-legged) Friend Day

Meet your new best friend, Milo!

Kate and Milo

11th February is 'National Make a Friend Day' - the perfect opportunity to meet your new best friend waiting for you at Dogs Trust Evesham!

One of life's most valuable assets, friends perform a vital role in promoting our general health and wellbeing. Dogs are well-known for being Man's Best Friend due to their loyalty, unconditional love and zest for life - Milo is no exception!

Milo is a typical Scent hound; guided by his nose he would love to spend his days out and about on interesting walks with plenty to sniff. Food is the true way to Milo’s heart, accompanied by plenty of tennis ball playtime he will soon become your best friend. Milo is an independent boy who appreciates having his own space, and is seeking an adult only home where he will be the only pet.

'National Make a Friend Day' is all about forming new friendships. Here at Dogs Trust Evesham, we strongly believe that this shouldn't only be experienced between humans, but also transferred to meeting a new canine companion. Dogs make fantastic friends for people - they never judge, they don't hold grudges and they always never view anything as being less than the best.    

Four-legged family members boast the ability to read non-verbal cues such as emotions and body language- a skill which has diminished over time in humans. By introducing a dog into your life, you may also find your social skills promoted amongst people. Many dog owners also experience their outlook on life to become far more positive, owing this enthusiastic perspective to their four-legged companions.

Milo may be small, but a friend like him is guaranteed to be your biggest treasure!

“A true friend leaves paw prints on your heart” – Here at Dogs Trust Evesham, we have many dogs waiting to do just that.