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Fresh start in life for litter of orphaned pups

Dogs Trust Basildon staff provide 24-hour care for six puppies

Staff at Dogs Trust Basildon are celebrating after a litter of orphaned puppies that were hand-reared from birth have all found loving new homes.

The six adorable Saluki cross puppies – named Bolt, Gypsy, Strike, Teyha, Flash and Suzuki – didn’t have the best start in life as their mum died during labour after being abandoned, heavily pregnant and emaciated. She was taken to a veterinary surgery in Norfolk where she underwent an emergency caesarean.

Sadly their mum didn’t survive but, against all odds, six puppies made it. Dogs Trust Basildon stepped in to help care for the litter as they were tiny and in need of 24-hour care, including hand-rearing to ensure they had the best possible chance of surviving their first few weeks.

For the first fortnight, each puppy had to be fed every two hours. Six members of staff shared the responsibility, day and night, with the committed crew even taking the puppies home to ensure they received all the care they needed. From three weeks on, their feeds were reduced to every four hours as they started being weaned onto solid food. At two months old, the puppies became old enough to be rehomed and staff are delighted that all of them have now found loving families.

Charlotte Childs, Canine Carer at Dogs Trust Basildon, who cared for three of the pups said:

“The puppies were so tiny and needed a huge amount of TLC and attention to ensure they survived their first few weeks of life. Their survival is testament to the level of care that the litter received from staff who worked relentlessly around the clock. It’s hard not to get attached to this adorable bunch that you’ve worked so closely with, and it’s bitter sweet seeing them off to their new homes; but we’re over the moon that they’ve found such lovely families and have a fresh start after their ordeal.”

Dogs Trust encourages anyone who is coping with an unwanted litter to get in touch with their local rescue centre who will be able to offer advice or help with the care that all puppies need and provide them with the best start in life to ensure they will thrive in a new home.

If you are interested in adopting a canine companion there are up to 120 pooches in need at the Basildon Rehoming Centre. For more information get in touch with the team on 0300 303 0292 or visit