Lovely lurchers looking for long time love this Valentine’s Day

Dogs Trust Basildon is appealing to dog lovers in Essex this Valentine’s Day to help find homes for eight lovely lurchers who are unlucky in love.

Dogs Trust often have multiple Lurchers looking for new homes at the same time, most likely due to the common misconception that they need significantly more exercise than other breeds. In fact, Lurchers and Greyhounds often zoom about in a short burst of energy but then love to spend the rest of the day lounging on a comfy sofa, earning them the nickname of the 45mph couch potato.

Lisa Cooper, Manager at Dogs Trust Basildon, said:

“It is such a shame that our Lurchers and Greyhounds have the reputation that they are a handful and need lots of exercise when it is actually the complete opposite! These gentle giants tend to want nothing but love and a comfy bed to snuggle up in, after a quick zoom about the garden. We have lots of Sighthounds at Dogs Trust Basildon with their paws crossed for a loving fur-ever home, so please consider this brilliant breed when thinking of adopting a dog!”

Meet Dogs Trust Basildon’s eight lovely leggies who are hoping they won’t be ‘left in the lurch’ for much longer and will be lucky in love this Valentine’s Day:


Three-year-old blue greyhound Arthur is friendly to all he meets and loves receiving a little head scratch from his favourite canine carers. He would prefer to be the only dog in the home, simply because he doesn't like sharing his toys. Walking buddies are encouraged though to help with his confidence. Arthur can live with teens over the age of 14 but no cats.

Darcy & Ruby

Super sisters Darcy and Ruby will make the perfect addition to their new families. Though they are good friends, they happily spend time apart too and are looking for homes individually. They are both loads of fun, love gentle walks and playing in the garden with their toys. They came to us from racing kennels so they would love the chance to experience some home comforts and won't ask for much more than a cosy bed to sprawl out on. Both Darcy and Ruby are friendly to all they meet and, with such gentle natures, will be suitable to live with children over the age of eleven. They could potentially live with other greyhounds pending an introduction but not with any cats or small furries.

Duchess (pictured above)

Petite in size but not in character is the beautiful Duchess. This girl really will make you smile everyday with her excited, silly wiggle that will greet you when you come home. She is an adventurous girl who loves long walks in the woods where she can sniff and explore to her heart’s content. Duchess is looking for an adult-only home with a couple or single person. She will need multiple visits at the centre before going home, as she likes to take her time to get to know people and cannot live with cats.


Oscar is eight years old and had previously been a much-loved pet. Are you looking for the perfect companion to join you on long walks in the countryside? Oscar absolutely loves the great outdoors and will make the most loyal friend to his forever family. Although an active boy, he does enjoy a good snooze and would adore his own cosy bed by the fire after his adventures.

Oscar is looking for an adult-only home as the only pet. He will need you to commit to a few extra meets here at the centre before he goes home to build some confidence around you. Oscar would like to live within reasonable distance of the centre to continue his hydrotherapy.


Sweet Shona is only three years old and is looking forward to some home comforts, once she finds her forever home. Shona will need a bit of time to settle in but once she has, she should be ok left for short periods alone. She would love a garden to play in, loves her doggy pals and should be able to live with one in her new home. Shona can live with children over the age of eight but no cats.


One-year-old Sam will need a quiet home that has experience of nervous dogs. He is looking for a family who understand his needs and are willing to put in the time and patience to help him settle in. Sam must have access to his own secure garden to stretch his legs in.

Sam would like to be the only pet in an adult only home with minimal visitors. He would like to meet his new family multiple times at the centre before going home. Sam will need someone around all the time at first and his leaving hours built up slowly.


Star is a beautiful, young Greyhound who was never keen on racing. She would much rather have a garden to play in and family to love her. She is friendly to all she meets and will be a wonderful addition to her forever home.

Star is only 18 months old so is a lively girl who adores toys. She would suit a family keen to take her on adventures and she is happy to meet other dogs out and about. Star can live with children over the age of 11 and would prefer to be the only pet.

If you think you could offer one of these lovely lurchers a forever home, please come down to the Basildon Rehoming Centre or give us a call on 01268 214694.