Dogs Trust ‘Changes the Tale’ for Chow Chow pup

A Chow Chow puppy called Gus has had to have his leg amputated after he was delivered to unsuspecting new owners wrapped in a towel.  

Ten-week-old Gus was bought online and, when he was delivered on Saturday 5th December, his new owners were immediately suspicious, and they were right to be. 

Their much-wanted new pet wasn’t behaving like a healthy puppy should and was suffering from a problem with his front leg. 

Gus was handed over to Dogs Trust Basildon Rehoming Centre, in Essex. 

Lisa Cooper, Centre Manager, said:

“Gus’s owners told us that they called the breeder who denied there was anything wrong with him, and refused to take him back, or help. 

“They took Gus to a vet who told them that the problem with his leg was so severe that it would need to be amputated, or he would have to be put to sleep. 

“They couldn’t afford the unexpected veterinary care he needed, but they also couldn’t bear the alternative. That’s when they did the best thing they could do for Gus and called Dogs Trust for help.” 

Basildon Rehoming Centre staff immediately took Gus to the local veterinary hospital where x-rays confirmed that his leg was deformed and ulcerated and sadly couldn’t be repaired. 

He is now recovering from his leg amputation surgery in one of the centre’s experienced foster homes and will start physiotherapy once his wound has healed. Gus is currently not available for rehoming. 

Owen Sharp, Dogs Trust CEO, said:

“Thanks to the phenomenal support we’ve had from supporters throughout this pandemic, we are able to ‘Change the Tale’ for Gus.

“I met Gus at Basildon a few days ago and saw first-hand the incredible care that he is getting. His story is a perfect example of what our amazing teams across the country do every day.

“If people have taken on a puppy and are struggling, please contact us here at Dogs Trust. You can call us on 0300 303 2188.

“We won’t judge, we just want to help.” 

To find out how you can help ‘Change the Tale’ for other dogs like Gus, or how you can ensure the puppy you are buying has been bred responsibly, visit: