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Black 'Fur-day' at Dogs Trust Basildon

This Black Friday people will be desperately seeking lots of fantastic deals. However, staff at Dogs Trust’s Rehoming Centre in Basildon are out to prove you can’t put a price on the love of a dog.

Dogs Trust Basildon are celebrating ‘Black Fur-day’ by appealing for black dog lovers to visit the centre and think about rehoming a canine resident with darker fur. Often dogs at the centre receive interest from potential owners when they look unique or quirky and black dogs can be overlooked. However, the reality is that every dog is truly unique in their own right.

Lisa Cooper at Dogs Trust Basildon said:

“Every dog in our care deserves the chance to be part of a loving family, regardless of their age, size, breed or colour. Each one has their own distinct personality that will suit the right type of family.

“We hope to make the point that even if a potential dog owner isn’t suitable for the dog they expect to get when they visit the Rehoming Centre, they should try and keep an open mind about the type of dog that could be even better suited to their lifestyle. We have Adoption Advisors on hand to help with this process and help you choose the right dog for you, regardless of the colour of their fur.”

Dogs Trust Basildon currently has four dark coated beauties in its care. These include:

Bruno One-year-old Bruno is a playful, active boy who’s looking for an experienced, adult-only home. He’s wary of new people so he’ll need to live in a rural location where he won’t encounter too many strangers. Bruno is a work in progress and will need dedicated owners who are willing to work with our training team to help him become the best boy he can be.

Cedric Five-year-old Cedric has had a hard start in life but you wouldn’t know it – he’s so friendly, happy and really loves life. If you’re a fan of staffies (especially smiley, cuddly, bouncy ones!) Cedric could be the dog for you!

Colin Five-year-old Colin is a gentle lad who just wants someone to love. He walks beautifully on lead, is good with other dogs and really enjoys a head scratch. Colin is a wonderful dog who’s no trouble at all, he’ll make a lovely addition to your home.

Patrick One year old Patrick is a lively and energetic boy with a zest for life. Perfect for owners who are looking to take on a project, he will need some help in building his confidence around other dogs. He’s a quick learner and, once you’ve built that bond, he’ll be your friend for life.

If you share Dogs Trust’s belief that a dog is for life; and would like to adopt a companion from the Basildon Rehoming Centre please get in touch with the team on 01268 214694.