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In the Spotlight at DT Basildon: Summer!

Summer is a stunning, six year old Labrador cross who’s looking for her forever home. Summer can be a little worried of strangers so her new owners will need to come and spend some time with her at the centre, visiting several times to get to know her before taking her home.  That said Summer, like most (if not all!) labs, is a proper foodie so you can build a bond with her using tasty treats and once she knows you she’ll be your best friend forever. Summer is a very clever girl and loves training, especially scent work, which is something she’d really love to carry on in her new home. She enjoys hydrotherapy sessions here at the centre for enrichment and loves to make a splash whenever she can as she’s a real water baby. Summer is very strong, very independent, and never gives up on a game of tug-o-war so she’s hoping she finds a worthy opponent soon!

Summer is looking for an adult only home with minimal visitors as she finds them a little worrying. She also needs to be the only dog in the home as she loves to be the centre of attention, but she can definitely have walking buddies to play around with outdoors. Summer is keeping her paws crossed that she’ll find her forever home soon!

If you’d like to know more about Summer, please contact the centre on 01268 535050 and speak to one of our adoption advisors.