Can Professor Sprout Charm You?

Professor Sprout is a two year old crossbreed who is full of fun and mischief. Sadly he’s never really lived in a proper home but would love the chance to try it and learn to live the muggle life with someone who’ll dumble’adore him. Like all hufflepups he’s incredibly loyal, loving and will be your best friend forever given the chance.

Professor Sprout is a clever lad who loves using his brain and being kept busy; he never gives up and always tries his best. He’s a big fan of being outdoors in nature, enjoys snuffling around in the plants here and really, really loves water. He will splash around in any he finds, whether it be a puny puddle or a large lake! He also loves toy animals of the stuffed variety however real ones are too enticing (especially squirrels and birds!) so he’ll need his new family to be strong enough to hold on to his lead if he sees one out and about on his adventures.

Everyone here loves him and he’s definitely the class clown, he makes all his carers giggle with his mad antics and his bouncy nature and we just know he’ll charm you too if you meet him. Professor Sprout is a super good boy, he just needs a chance to show how magic he can be! Have you got room for him in your castle? Could you be the one he’s been waiting for? Send us an owl to let us know (or head to his profile to apply, that would work too!).

Watch Sprout's video to learn more about him!

Could Sprout be your paw-fect match?

Anyone interested in meeting lovely Sprout please visit his rehoming profile and start the virtual adoption process.

Visit Sprout's rehoming profile