Project Doggy Smile

Help us spread a smile with happy dogs!

January can always be a tricky month – it’s cold, the festive season is over, and we’re coming to the end of the big tub of chocolates we got for Christmas. Add another lockdown in to the mix and it’s easy to see why some of us feel like we could use a little extra help beating the blues this year. Luckily our canine companions can certainly help with that! Dogs get us out for (socially distanced) strolls when we feel like we’d rather stay in (and don’t we always feel better for it?!). Dogs help us chill just by sitting with us, and sometimes leaning in for a snuggle and a nice head scratch. Dogs offer us a feeling of security in a time that’s otherwise quite uncertain, they’re always there when we need them with a happy face and a waggy tail.

And because we know how amazing dogs are at bringing a smile to our faces with just the tilt of the head, we decided to launch ‘Project Doggy Smile’ in a bid to spread joy as far and wide as possible. Each day throughout this month we’ll be sharing our cutest, happiest photos, stories and memories with you. From perfect puppies to golden oldies, giant breeds to teeny tots, crazy zoomers to chilled out loafers, we’ll be digging through our archives to share our favourites to turn those start of the year frowns upside down.

Of course to really spread the smiles as far and wide as possible we would LOVE for you to join in the fun too and fill those feeds with happy dogs. Got a selection of smiley photos of your dog in your camera roll, or some fabulous old footage on your facebook? Then please share it with us using the hashtag #ProjectDoggySmile and lets sprinkle joy all over this January.

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