Elderly microchipped poodle Jet reunited with family

Missing elderly poodle reunited with family

Basildon staff reunite elderly poodle with family after six weeks apart

Earlier this month we were absolutely thrilled to be able to reunite a dog who had been missing for six weeks.

A huge search operation had been launched for eleven year old Jet when she went missing on a walk in the snow in February, but sadly due to the poor conditions at the time she wasn’t found. Although due to her age her family feared the worst, they never gave up hope and were overjoyed when we contacted them to let them know she was safe.

She was handed in to us by a caring member of the public who had spotted her wandering alone near his home. He googled her description and found pleas on Facebook trying to find Jet in Colchester so, although it was a long shot, he tried calling her name and amazingly she responded. He managed to catch her, then brought her in to the centre here where we scanned her microchip and discovered she was in fact the missing dog!

Jet’s owners Romea and David said they couldn’t believe it and drove up that very afternoon to check, but as soon as they saw her they knew it was their beloved missing girl. She didn’t have her collar anymore and was a little skinny after being away for six weeks, but it was definitely her. There were tears all round.

A reminder to keep microchip details up to date

We were all over the moon to be able to reunite Jet with her owners and are so pleased this story had a happy ending, but Jet’s journey is a stark reminder that microchipping your dog – and keeping their details up to date - is the most important thing you can do to ensure you can be reunited with your pet if you become separated. On top of that it’s now a legal requirement for all dogs in the UK to be microchipped so, if you’ve not done it already, make sure you get booked in ASAP with your vet and keep your dogs safe.

Commonly asked questions about microchipping