Bouncy Bumble needs a bestie

Bumble, a crossbreed

Are you a fan of big dogs? Do you like to go large? Are you a believer in bigger is always better? Then you will LOVE Bumble, our biggest, bounciest boy!

A loveable crossbreed with a goofy character, one year old Bumble is a big dog lover’s dream. He’s full of fun, has bags of energy and will play all day if you’re up for it. Though he’s still very young, he’s a clever boy and is enjoying his training here at the centre. So far he’s learned sit, down and paw but he could definitely learn more.  He’s handsome, house-trained and partial to the odd back-scratch.

Bumble is looking for an adult home because of his size; he doesn’t know his own strength yet so potential owners would need to be prepared for him to be a bit clumsy until he’s familiar with his surroundings. Also, because he’s super strong, he’ll need fit and experienced owners who are able to walk him comfortably. He does need to continue his lead training, at the moment he still pulls like a steam train, so his new family will need to be willing to work on that with him. Bumble needs access to a secure, private garden too; he can jump when he wants to so tall fences are a must.

Friendly Bumble has tonnes of potential and will make a wonderful pet in an active home, he just needs someone to take a chance on him. Could you be his new buddy? Please get in touch with Dogs Trust Basildon on 01268 535050 or visit

Dogs Trust Basildon is situated on just off the A127 on Nevendon Road, Wickford, Essex.