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Overweight pooch sizes up a new home

The annual season of over-indulgence has come to an end and so for many of us it's time to commit to losing weight and doing at least a little more exercise, and the team at Dogs Trust Darlington are helping a plump pooch do just that.

Seven-year-old Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Jess, weighs in at 25.2kg, around 5kg overweight for her breed, so the team are keen to help her trim down to a healthier size in time for her to head off to a new home.

Sue Embleton, Dogs Trust Darlington Rehoming Centre Manager, comments:

"When dogs arrive at the centre we give them a health check, so when Jess arrived just before Christmas, we immediately knew that she needed to lose a few pounds. We've been working with her ever since, not letting her tuck into fattening festive treats and instead making sure she has been getting out and about to help get rid of some of the additional weight."

Jess found herself homeless a week before Christmas through no fault of her own - her owners simply didn't have the time to look after her any more. She is a happy, healthy older girl who has made lots of two-legged and four-legged friends in the short time she has been at the centre. She loves playing with her toys and is used to living in a busy family home with children so the team are hoping she finds a home soon.

Dogs Trust Veterinary Director, Paula Boyden, explains that whilst the temptation might be to treat your pooch to a doggy delicacy at any time of year, it's best to make it an occasional treat. She says:

"It's important not to over feed dogs as the excess weight puts strain on their bodies, particularly the heart and joints. Dog treats and special meals, for example, dog-friendly cakes, should be occasional and certainly not a replacement for a regular diet. Such treats are often highly calorific so if you are giving them to your dog, reduce their daily meal portions accordingly."

If you think you could give Jess a home, please call Dogs Trust Darlington on 0300 303 0292.