Mackie is Ace

An ace rescue dog who is a smash hit with all staff at Dogs Trust Darlington, hopes that showing off his ball skills, will bag him his forever home. 

Mackie the tenacious terrier always has his eye on the ball, especially if it’s a tennis ball or of the squeaky variety.  His impressive moves have not gone unnoticed by his Dogs Trust carers, who say he keenly chases every ball however he might not make a perfect ball boy as he is not so keen on sharing them when retrieved.

Sharon Boult, Assistant Manager Operations at Darlington says:

“If we were to compare Mackie to a tennis player it would definitely be Rafael Nadal - as he is full of energy, has a lovely personality and a never give up attitude to life - especially when it comes to chasing a ball. He would play all day long but there might be a few calls of ‘new balls please’ if Mackie got onto a tennis court as he’s a difficult boy to catch.

“Mackie requires an adult only home where he is the only pet.  He can be a little worried by new people and dogs so multiple meets will be required to get to know each other. He is an affectionate dog who will make a fantastic double’s partner once he’s had time to bond.”

If you think Mackie, who is seven years old, could be the canine companion for you, please go to our website visit his profile and start the virtual adoption process by clicking the ‘rehoming me starts here’ button.