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Rescue dog devoted to her son hopes to find new home for them this Mother's Day

A mother and son canine pair at Dogs Trust Darlington are hoping a new owner will come forward and give them the chance to remain together in a new home this Mother’s Day. Crossbreed Beau and his mother Phoenix, a Hungarian Vizsla, came into the care of the Sadberge rehoming centre after a change in their owner’s circumstances meant they could no longer look after them both. The devoted pair have been have been waiting patiently, keeping their paws crossed in the hope that Mother’s Day [31st March] will prove to be their lucky day.

Sue Embleton, rehoming centre manager at Dogs Trust Darlington, said:

“Mother’s Day is all about appreciating the person who gave us life and helped nurture us, which is what Phoenix continues to do everyday for Beau. We desperately want these dogs to remain together as their bond is so strong, so we’re calling on potential owners to come and meet them – especially dog lovers who understand the reward of having two canine companions.

“This gorgeous pair are a joy to watch as they stick by each other’s side, no matter what. It is rare for us to get a mother and son that are virtually inseparable, but Phoenix and Beau do pretty much everything together; from walks, to playing and even going to bed at the same time.”

Three-year-old Beau is an affectionate boy who just loves getting attention, while five-year-old Phoenix can be a bit shy at first, so would need to meet a potential owner a number of times, in order to build up a bond. Both dogs are housetrained, however, we would love to develop their training further in a home with someone who is likely to be around most of the day to keep them company.

Beau and Phoenix would be best suited to a home where they will get lots of mental stimulation and just the right amount of exercise as Beau has previously had some joint issues. They would prefer to be the only dogs and need a knowledgeable home, with the space for them to have a good run around and a secure garden.

If you are interested in giving this devoted duo a place in your home and heart, please get in touch with the team on 01325 638143.