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Tall, Dark and Handsome

Roses are red

Violets are blue

Could handsome Barkley

Be the Valentine for you???


Tall, dark and handsome that is the perfect description for Dogs Trust Darlington’s three year old Greyhound Barkley. He is a sensitive soul with a heart of gold searching for his happy ever after. Barkley is a firm favourite with the staff as he is a very affectionate and fun boy. This lovely lad walks like a dream on the lead and would love to go on lots of different walks and to have a garden to run around in. He does like to have walking buddies so long as they are as well-mannered as he is.

Barkley is a shy boy at first and takes his time getting to know people. Once he does his true loving personality shines through and he can be lots of fun with playful and giddy moments.

All Barkley hopes for this Valentine’s Day is to have the “Furry-tail Ending” he truly deserves. Meeting his “Special Someone” and heading off to his “Forever Home” with a future filled with love and companionship is top of his wish list. A loving home to call his own where he can have a quiet and happy life with lots of duvet days would make Barkley’s dreams come true.

If you think Barkley could be the one you are looking for please contact the centre on

01352 333114 or visit his web profile.

or contact the centre on 01325 333114 to speak to one of his carers.