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Super Staffies Deserve Super Homes!

Flick has been in foster care for just over a month now and is having a great time with her carers. She is a 5 year old bubbly girl who enjoys showing off her tricks. She can do a great, sit, down, spin, roll over and will try almost anything for a tasty treat. Flick would need to be the only dog in her home as she much prefers spending time with her humans than doggy chums. She is a typical SBT who will suit a family who is used to the breed. Our training team have advised that she should not be in a home with children under the age of 14 due to her cheeky nature.

Flick’s trainer Toni believes “Flick will settle in lovely in a home environment and is still doing training for when she is out and about. Her training is coming along and would have to be continued once in her forever home which training staff can help you with. Flick has a big heart and given the chance she will melt yours”.

Find out more by visiting Flick’s profile.

Suzie is 4 years old and has been in her foster home for two months. She loves lounging around the home and spending time cuddled up on her carers lap watching the telly. Suzie will need owners who are around for most of the day as she craves attention and loves a good cuddle. She can also be energetic at times and enjoys having a zoom around in the garden with all of her toys. If Suzie was to be in a home with children they would need to be of secondary school age.

Suzie’s trainer Chrissie states “Since Suzie has been in a relaxing home environment, she has come on leaps and bounds with her training. Suzie enjoys her long walks with her favourite humans and once a bond is built she has fantastic focus on you whilst out and about”.

Find out more by visiting Suzie’s profile.

If you think you may be able to provide a forever home for either of our girls please contact our Home from Home Coordinator Natalie at the centre.