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Remember Fester???

Who could forget Fester the unusual looking boxer cross that caused a media storm when he arrived at Dogs Trust Darlington in January 2017? His unusual features soon made him a star on regional television and with the local newspapers and radio.

Fester was only in kennels a few weeks before he very quickly found a home and left the centre to start his new life in the February. Renamed Logan by his family he quickly settled into his new lifestyle with lots of walks in beautiful locations around the north east and having lots of social time with other dogs.

In July 2017 Logan’s family returned to look for a friend for him, they had no specific requirements as to breed or age just whichever dog would make the best companion for him. Earlier that day staff had been taking photographs of our new recruits for the website and Bonnie stood out as a really good match for him. Bonnie was recommended to the family and a meeting arranged. Bonnie can be a shy girl around people but thrives in the company of other dogs and on meeting Logan it was obvious that it was the perfect match for them both right from the start.

Now settled into her new home Bonnie is having a great time going to the beach, playing in the garden and having lots of fun playing with her new best friend Logan.