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November is “Adopt a Senior Pet” Month

“Adopt a Senior Pet Month” is an initiative that started with the ASPCA (American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) to raise awareness of older pets needing homes.

At Dogs Trust Darlington we have over 100 dogs in our care at any one time of all ages, breeds, shapes & sizes. Older dogs sometimes find themselves in our care at a time when the comforts of a home are most appealing. Our kennels are warm, dry and cosy and along with walks and time with their canine carers everything a dog could need. However for our “golden oldies” nothing beats the comforts of being in a home.

Currently we have a few lovely dogs who although more senior in years are still active and enjoying life. Diva, Davy, Dave and Jim are just a few of our lovely more mature dogs looking for their “Forever Homes”.

Over the years many of our staff have also adopted older dogs, our Rehomer Judith says “I always find older dogs have so much to give and find it very rewarding making their golden years special”

If you are ready to adopt a dog please consider an older dog, they have so much love to give and life to live, are often still very active and enjoy their walks and other doggy past times.   For more details on any of our dogs please visit our website or contact the Rehoming Centre on 01325 333114.

To find out more about rehoming older dogs take a look at this Dogs Trust fact sheet.